Mayimona med. Project

Mayimona med. Project

The foundation supports the “Situ Center” clinic in Kinshasa, the. Republic of the Congo. Thanks to a generous donation, medicines and new mattresses could be bought and the hospital renovated. In addition, 100 women and children were allowed to be treated there free of charge. These patients are still registered with the Fondation Nsoni so that they can continue to be treated free of charge in the event of any illness or accident.

Since the foundation now has its own large building, we would like to set up our own small clinic in it.

We are looking for donations so that more women and children can be treated free of charge. The doctors and nurses as well as the medicines have to be paid for with it. We also need various materials, medical instruments and furniture to set up our own clinic in the foundation’s building.

In addition, we are always looking for volunteers who would like to work for a certain period of time free of charge in the hospital in Kinshasa or later in our own clinic of the foundation. This can be nursing or specialist staff. We are happy for any kind of support.

Citu Center clinic opening
Purchase of medicines
The beds could be equipped with mattresses through donations!
Handover of medicines
Testimonies and thanks from woman

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